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Ease of use
Support/Customer Care
Upload speed
Size of storage
Very high amount of storage at a low cost
Very easy to use software, with many useful features
Excellent customer service
There are cheaper options if you only need a small amount of backup space
Free trial
File sharing
File versioning
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File size limit Unlimited
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Zip Cloud Review

£4.95 a month is the cheapest price you'll find for 250GB of storage. Zip Cloud haven't scrimped on the customer service and experience either – their software is very easy to use and the support is great.

Value For Money

Unlimited backup for £6.95 per month is quite simply the best value proposition offered by any online backup provider. For this price My PC Backup also offers software that's easy to use and has many useful features, and very helpful support to help you out if you get stuck.


You can securely share files with friends, family or colleagues and sync across all of your computer-driven devices. Should you need access to an older version of a file, this backup service offers file versioning to allow you access to various previous versions of the same file.

Take just one and a half minutes of your life to watch the video on the homepage of this backup service and you will realise that you can access your files from your mobile phone and tablet computer, if your main laptop or desktop computer go down.

The backup service is fully automated to match your specific requirements. You won’t have to consider whether a file is backed up or not, because this is all taken care of for you, and works in the background while you work, rest or play. Should you prefer to manually backup specific important files, these activities are straightforward to master.

Synchronising of all of your files between your computers and other devices is seamless and with unlimited storage, you will be safe in the knowledge that you can use this service for years to come.

The encryption of your files is secure throughout every stage and carefully monitored every minute of the day.

Ease Of Use

Although simple restoration of a file is vitally important, it is the day-to-day use of the backup service that must be easy to use for you to remain confident of its abilities and yet have to do nothing yourself, so that the backup works automatically in the background.

The real test, is that you can almost forget that you have a backup service running, while you stay in complete control of when and how files are backed up, knowing you can make changes to match your everyday needs, whenever you choose.

Customer service/support

We all have questions about online backup services whether you are a technophobe or technical expert. Sometimes, it is only asking for a different explanation to the information provided by the website.

Here, the customer service and support is extraordinary, being available 24/7, so that someone is always available to answer your question immediately. You can telephone the company or email the support services. Apart from obvious frequently asked questions and their replies, there are a wide range of video tutorials that help take you through how you can use the backup service, clicking pause and allowing you time to learn and understand at a rate that suits you.


This backup service fully understands that security is paramount where an individual’s data is being stored away from the computer on their desk. As well as being Windows, Mac and Linux compatible, iPhones, Android and BlackBerrys are catered for - and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

All of your files are encrypted as they are transferred into the cloud storage facility using secure HTTPS. For the technically minded, your files are stored on a high security S3 datacentre using industry standard 256 bit AES encryption.

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