Best Online Backup

What is an online backup?

Online backup is a kind of offsite data storage where your important files, folders, documents, music, photos, videos and other contents of your hard drive are backed up on an encrypted remote server. This is the cheapest and easiest way to keep a backup of all your important files and documents.

Online data backup is much easier and convenient than the DVD, hard drive or USB flash drive backups, as it gets the backup done automatically. On top of that, these backups also store your latest data in the backup folders. This entire process is comparatively simpler and quicker than any other backup method. An online backup tool comes with an extensive range of features. Some of its standard features include automatic backups, file sharing, file syncing and file versioning.

How does an online backup work?

Using and handling an online backup tool is no big hassle at all. Begin by purchasing your preferred backup plan. Right after that, install the software and run it on your PC/Mobile/Tablet. Once the software is ready, you can choose your preferred files and click on the ‘backup’ tab to get them backed up. As most of the backup software, are, automatic, you won’t really have to do anything except choosing the files. However, if they aren’t automatic, you will have to manually backup the files, individually.

Is online data backup safe?

Yes. Online data backup is absolutely safe. During the backups, all your important documents and data are stored in a safe and highly encrypted server. To add to the safety, there are several copies on severs that are distributed to multiple locations. This in turn, guarantees the availability of data, even if a backup sever suddenly experiences a glitch. Most of the top notch online data backup providers come with the highest grades of encryption.

All in all, if you want to backup your important files and documents, quickly and conveniently, nothing can be a better option than an online backup tool