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SOS Online Backup
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SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup offers decent software. Its main advantage over other backup providers is the unlimited file size upload - most providers put a cap on this, so if you have individual files that are very large (ie. 10GB+) SOS Online Backup is the best solution for you.

Value For Money

SOS Online Backup offers reasonable value for money, but other sites offer more backup space at a cheaper price


SOS Online Backup comes with quite a number of handy and useful features. Besides the basic features like automated backups, file syncing, file sharing and file versioning; this backup tool also has some additional features like mobile access and incremental backups. All the features work seamlessly on multiple devices.

This backup tool runs quietly and automatically on PCs and Mobile devices. Users can always set the automatic schedule as per their backup requirements. They can run the hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly backup according to their needs. However, we would recommend the daily backups as it is particularly good for your system. Any new files/changes added will be automatically updated in the backed up version. SOS Online Backup will also use minimal system resources during the backups.

The file syncing feature will automatically synchronize your files across multiple devices. Any changes in the files will be readily backed up, and the latest versions of all these files will also be secured. The entire procedure of file syncing will take place automatically. So you won’t really have to do anything to get the backups done.

SOS Online Backup also lets you access, view and download unlimited versions of your old files. Whether you’ve lost your old files or accidentally deleted them; this backup tool will restore all of them in an instant. These unlimited versions of the restored files won’t count against the storage limit.

The file sharing feature of this software lets you share your backed up files among colleagues and family. You can always collaborate and connect with these files via social media or emails.

SOS Online Backup also comes with an Incremental backup and mobile access feature. The incremental backup will spot the slow internet connections or power outrages and work with them consistently. Whether you’re in the middle of your backup routine or performing a daily backup; this incremental backup will resume the backup right from where it got disconnected. Again, the Mobile Access feature lets you enjoy seamless backups from Android and iOS platforms.

Ease Of Use

SOS Online Backup comes with a remarkably easy setup. The software works flawlessly and it lets you automatically find your important files and then get them backed up right away. The tool can sort and back up the files based on their types. Moreover, it is also quite easy to manually specify the files and folders you need to get backed up. The automatic interface and flexible structure makes it even more convenient to operate. It’ll hardly take you a few minutes to set up the software, and right after that, you can get started with the automated backups. Due to this reason, we would rate SOS backup quite high in matters of flexibility and ease of use.

Customer service

The customer support team of SOS backup strives to sort your issues and help you enjoy seamless backups. There’s a live chat feature where your problems are addressed and handled by competent experts. You can also submit a ticket about your query regarding the backup. The tickets are usually answered within 12-24 hours. Besides this, the FAQ section of the website also comes handy in sorting both basic and complex problems associated with the backup tool.


SOS offers unmatched security options. The files stored in the data centers are geo redundant and the files are transferred via a secure SSL connection. Once the files reach cloud, they are further protected via an additional layer of 256-bit AES ultra safe encryption, where each user is protected with their individual encryption key.

SOS Online Backup