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My PC Backup Review

My PC Backup is trying to cement its place as the industry leader by offering unlimited storage, excellent software and very helpful support at cheap price. From our point of view it succeeds on all those fronts. My PC Backup offers industry leading software that's easy to use and has many useful features to make your life easier, such as 100% automated backup. They also offer great support if you get stuck, either over the phone, via email or on one of their many online video tutorials. If you're wanting to back up large amounts of files than this is the best site for you, as it offers unlimited storage for the cheapest price out of any provider, as well as offering great software and support. If you're only wanting to backup small amounts of files there are cheaper options out there.

Value For Money

Unlimited backup for £6.95 per month is quite simply the best value proposition offered by any online backup provider. For this price My PC Backup also offers software that's easy to use and has many useful features, and very helpful support to help you out if you get stuck.


This fully automated software comes loaded some handy features like file syncing, file versioning and unlimited file sharing.

With the 100% automation feature, you can automatically backup your PC in the background, to your preferred schedule. As it comes automated, you won’t have to manually tweak or update the feature.

The file syncing feature lets you seamlessly sync your files to multiple PCs. You can always use this feature to decide the files you want to sync and the devices where you want them to be synced in. The software will work in the background and upload your files/documents directly to the cloud. Your data will be consistently backed up and you can access it from any device.

We were particularly impressed with the file versioning feature of this software. With this feature, you can access the last seven versions of a file/document. On top of that, you can also choose from the upgrades to view or keep all the versions of a specific file.

MyPCBackup lets you share files, folders and documents between friends, family members or office colleagues. You can even invite them via email or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to collaborate large files.

Ease Of Use

MyPCBackup also scores high on the ‘ease of use’. Whether you have basic or highly advanced computer skills, using this software is unbelievably easy. Simply download the wizard, choose the files that you want to be backed up and let MyPCBackup do the rest for you. Once the initial backup proceedings are completed, this software will automatically save the additional changes.

You will simply have to choose the files that you want to be backed up, and the software will automatically get it done. On top of that, you can also select a folder for backup and if you add new files to the folder, those files too will be automatically backed up. This software runs in the background and also lets you to set up your personalized backup schedule. As this works automatically, you won’t really have to do anything manually. The software will quickly back up your files to the cloud and let you access them from anywhere, anytime.

Customer Service

The customer care team of MyPcBackup is extremely helpful and supportive. The professionals are available 24X7, and they assist you with any and every issue that you experience while using the software. They provide you the necessary advice and also sort all your queries. You can simply drop a mail at in order to get in touch with the experts. Besides this, you can also get in touch with them over their 24X7 helpline number-001-888-851-0954. The FAQ section, community helpline, and video tutorials are equally quite handy in providing support to the users.


This software also takes your security very seriously. It uses a 256-bit socket layer data encryption and ensures that your files are shared safely. The security is extremely stringent at all stages of the file transfer process. Right after the transfer, your documents and files are stored in well encrypted cloud data centers that are also monitored throughout the day.

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