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Mozy Review

Mozy is great for users that create a lot of versions of files, as they offer unlimited file versioning. The biggest drawback of this site is that they do not offer file sharing, which is a standard feature on the vast majority of online backup services. The price Mozy charge offers good value for money, although you can find better value if you want to store large volumes of files.

Value For Money

Mozy offers good value for money if you're looking to store around 50GB of data.


This software is an excellent solution for your personal backup needs. The features too are equally flexible. Currently, Mozy comes with a set of highly useful features like 100% automation, quick file syncing, file versioning and backup scheduling.

The 100% automation feature is quite handy in getting your files backed up in a few minutes. The software comes with a ‘set it and forget it’ system which automatically manages your backups. After setting up Mozy, your files will be instantly backed up without having you to do anything. The best part: You can also customize your automatic backup schedule as per your needs.

The file syncing feature too works exceptionally well. All you have to do is activate the file sync, and the software will automatically get your preferred documents synced. The changes you make to the files will also be synced along with it. Besides the basic PC syncing, Mozy also comes with an app for iOS and Android that lets your mobile/tablet device have complete access to your Mozy sync folder, anytime, anywhere. It works with the Mozy cloud backup and makes all your files safe and accessible.

Mozy’s file versioning feature is the best of the lot as it is unbelievably flexible. With this feature, you can access unlimited versions of a file. Any change you make will also be saved to the recent version. So with this feature you can always download and restore of your old, lost and deleted files.

Besides these basic features, Mozy also comes with an out-of-the-box feature of backup scheduling. With this feature, you can schedule your backups and also check the amount of bandwidth used during the process. This will further prevent speed throttling and also speed up your backups.

Ease Of Use

The USP of Mozy is its ease of use and flexibility. The website has a simple interface which is easily navigable and installing it is also quite easy and hassle free. Simply click on the install option to get the software installed in your PC. Right after that, you have to select your preferred files for backup and watch it getting done, automatically in the background. The Mozy sync folder is another beneficial tweak that’ll keep your files updated in multiple PCs and mobile devices. So with this handy backup tool, you won’t have to spend hours on figuring out the features and mode of operation.

If you’re using this software for the first time, you won’t have to pay the hassles of shifting your data to a new folder. You can always sync those folders that are currently accessible to you. The best part: once this software is installed and configured in your device, all your synced files, movies, music, folders and documents will automatically appear on your chosen devices.

Customer service

At Mozy, the customer care professionals are always ready to sort your issues. The support portal of this software comes with a live chat feature where a technician addresses your requests and solves them right away. You can also avail the one-on-one support requests, insightful video tutorials and access the Mozy community where many important questions are answered. The knowledge base library and user guides are also quite handy in helping you to operate this backup tool.


This software also takes care of your security concerns by using military grade security. They encrypt every single file before it is sent across the wire and the encrypted files are further sent over a highly secure SSL network. Mozy also stores your data in world class data centers that come with the highest standards of security. On top of that, as this software uses a 256-bit AES encryption, you can always count on them in matters of security.

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