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Just Cloud Review

Just Cloud offers industry leading software, which is very intuitive to use. It also offers great features such as automatic backup, file sharing, file syncing and file versioning to make your life easier. The customer service is excellent, and offers very helpful support via email, over the phone, or on live chat. Offering all this whilst keeping prices lower than their competitors is why we like Just Cloud so much.

Value For Money

If you're looking for a smaller backup capacity, £4.49 a month for 75GB of data is excellent value.


Just Cloud comes loaded with all the standard features that you expect from an online backup tool. Whether it is automated backups, secure file transfers, unlimited file storage, quick file syncing or even multiple file versioning; this backup tool offers it all.

As the software is completely automated, you won’t have to manually back up every single file individually. You simply have to select the files for back up, and the desktop/mobile app of Just Cloud will automatically get them backed up. You can run this automatic backup anytime, anywhere.

Just Cloud also comes with an automatic syncing feature. With this feature, you can sync your required files across multiple devices. Simply choose your preferred files/documents and the location where you want them to be synced. The software will work in the background, thereby backing up your chosen files right away. This tool also lets you edit a document on your office computer and get it completed on your home laptop. It will automatically record the changes and save them on multiple devices.

The file sharing feature of this awesome backup tool totally steals the show. With this feature, you can conveniently collaborate with your buddies, family members and office colleagues. Just Cloud gives you public links of the backed up files that can be shared via social media and emails. The tool lets you share the files irrespective of their size.

We were also quite impressed with the unlimited file versioning of Just Cloud. This feature lets you view unlimited versions of your old files. Besides viewing, you can also access, download and restore these old files.

Ease Of Use

We were highly impressed with Just Cloud’s easy to use interface. Yes. Handling and operating this software is no big hassle at all. Users simply have to register to the site and set up their preferred backup schedule. Right after that, the tool will automatically get their backups done. Any changes made or any new files added will be automatically saved along with the backed up documents. The tool also gives users the facility of running urgent backups as and when they require. The files will be instantly updated to the secure cloud platform and they will also be constantly accessible. Thus, the need of carrying a USB stick can be completely minimized with this software.

Customer service/support

The Customer support team of Just Cloud is genuinely concerned about your problems. They try to fix all your glitches regarding the service right away. You can drop in a mail at and the experts will readily address your issues. Besides this, you can even opt for a support ticket which is usually answered within 12-24 hours. The FAQ and video tutorials of the website are equally helpful and informative.


This software is also quite concerned with the safety and security of your files and documents. Due to this reason, they ensure that the file transfers take place in an extremely safe cloud platform. They also encrypt your data from time to time with a secure 256-bit socket layered encryption. All stages of your file transfers are handled securely and the files are saved in high-tech data centers that are monitored throughout the day.

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