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Some great non-standard features
Stores up to 10 versions of the same file
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IBackup Review

IBackup is ideal if you only want to store small amounts of data. The software they offer really is industry leading, and has some great non-standard features that other providers don't have. IBackup also lets you store up to 10 versions of a file. If you want to backup more than 10GB of data there are better options out there.

Value For Money

IBackup offers superb value for money if you want to back up 10GB or less of data. Anything more than that and other sites offer better value for money.


IBackup comes with a set of standard and immensely useful features. The software allows unlimited file sharing, quick file syncing, extensive file versioning and also fully automated backups. It also supports data compression and incremental backups.

This backup tool has an extremely simple interface coupled with a powerful automatic scheduling feature. Yes. IBackup automatically selects your critical data (including files, movies, music, videos, emails, documents) and schedules them for backup right away. But that’s not all. This software will also automatically back up all the new files and folders created by you. In this way, you won’t have to manually back up the files, individually.

The file syncing feature of this software is equally remarkable. With this feature, you can match the contents of your PC with your online IBackup account. In order to sync the data, you have to simply select the files/folders and click on the ‘sync’ button. The syncing will take place instantly, and all your modifications in the existing files will also be backed up to your online IBackup account.

Users can use the file sharing feature to share their backed up files and documents via email and social media. The recipients can see these backed up files with a single click. They won’t have to sign up or follow a hassling procedure.

IBackup also lets its users restore up to 10 versions of their backed up files. Any recent change in the file will also be backed up with the original versions. The best part: Users can also recover the old versions of their lost/deleted files within 30 days.

Besides these standard features, we were also impressed with a couple of non-standard features like hybrid backup ( complements cloud storage), open file backup and real time backup where all the file modifications are backed-up in real time. The hybrid backup complements the cloud backup with a secure local storage for your business data and the real-time backup automatically backs up the modified parts of your folders/files in real-time (instantly). So while hybrid backup is relevant for business data storage, real-time backup is important for instant backups of your modified documents.

Ease Of Use

With its simple and easily navigable interface, IBackup scores full marks on the ‘ease of use’ department. The site is extremely light and easy to operate. So even if you’re a first time user of an, online backup software, using this tool won’t really be tedious or taxing. Simply register to the site and start uploading, accessing and even sharing, your backed-up files via PC and mobile devices. You can also manage your backups, edit your IBackup account and enjoy many other features with the simple web interface of this backup tool.

Customer service

The customer service team of this backup website is genuinely willing to help you out. The professionals are extremely courteous and they professionally address all your queries and glitches. You can always get in touch with the customer care team with their live chat. Besides this, you can also catch up with them via their business helpline number- 1-800-949-3555.


IBackup also takes care of its users’ security and ensures that the backups and transfers are absolutely safe and secure. You can always count on this software in matters of security, as they get your data transferred and encrypted using a stringent, 256-bit military encryption. To add to the benefits, it also lets you use your personal encryption key for superior security.

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