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Backup Genie Review

Backup Genie offers software that's easy to use and has many features, such as automatic backup, file sharing and file syncing, to make your life easier. It's one of the few providers to offer unlimited backup, which makes it an excellent site to use if you've huge amounts of files you need to backup.

Value For Money

Unlimited backup for £9.95 per month is reasonable value for money, but not as good as the industry leader, My PC Backup.


Backup Genie is an online backup system that offers you excellent storage of any files that you have on your PC, Mac or any other device that is compatible with it. File sharing is quite simple, and you can share your files with anyone. It creates a URL that allows you to share your files via social networking; email and anywhere from your control panel. To share a file, you hover over a folder and click the drop box indicating share to bring you the sharing options. In the sharing option, it allows you to choose the file that you would like to share if you want to share with other users who are on Backup Genie just click ‘public link’. From here you can generate a link, and you can give anyone you would like to share your files.

Backup Genie synchronizes files by backing up the intended files between computers and restoring them to a desired location so as to synchronize. Backup Genie Versioning is where it gives you up to seven versions of a file, and also upgrades to all versions are available. Backup Genie, offers automated backup where it backups your files in the background without interfering with your work. Backup Genie does not offer a feature that allows you to share files with users who are not in Backup Genie.

We were also quite impressed with the unlimited file versioning of Just Cloud. This feature lets you view unlimited versions of your old files. Besides viewing, you can also access, download and restore these old files.

Ease Of Use

Backup Genie offers you ease of use since it backs up information silently in the background without messing with your work. The user interface of the Backup Genie has features that offer you easy navigation. The features in Backup Genie allows you to choose the device and types of files that you want it to support in backups. It has video tutorials that guide you on how you can use Backup Genie. The features have email/support that allows you to ask questions about

Backup Genie services. You do not have to always backup your files on Backup Genie it does everything for you all you have to do is to set it and forget, and it will do all the work for you. To backup, your file you need to specify the types of files that you need to be backed up by Backup Genie. In sharing, you only type the email address of the person you want to share with, and they will instantly be notified to access the file.

Customer service/support

Backup Genie offers you as much help as possible using various means and methods. Email is one of the primary methods that they use to help their customers, where you can contact them in case you have questions about their services. They have video tutorials that can answer your questions and those that always arise from customers. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are platforms that Backup Genie uses; that will be valuable to a client in case they have any questions.


Security used by Backup Genie is perfect in that it only uses the best security features that are available. The encryption system that they use is the same as the ones banks use, and even some military installations choose to use their software. All the items saved for the first time must go through the encryption process. The security ensures that any document that has been modified is subjected to encryption this makes it more secure to save your files.

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