Best Online Backup

An easy guide to the most common features

The best online backup providers offer lots of features to help make your life easier. However, it’s not always immediately obvious what some of these features do. Here’s our guide to the most common features offered by the best online backup providers.

Fully automated backups

A good backup-software will always come with fully automated backups. This feature will let you get the backups done automatically. You will have to simply set up the software, choose the files to backup and the software will automatically back them up, and continue to do so, on a regular basis. Any changes made to the files, will be updated with the backup. Some of the backup tools also come with an additional feature of automatically scheduling your backups according to your needs.

File syncing

With the file syncing feature, you can get all your files synced at ease. Simply activate the software, and all your chosen files will be synced and accessible right away. All that you have to do is place a file in your local sync folder and it will be immediately available and accessible from any device you regularly use. For instance, your files at your office PC will soon be available and accessible (along with your updated changes) from your home laptop, because of this file syncing feature.

File sharing

With this feature you can share you backed up documents to anyone and everyone via email and social media sites like Facebook and twitter. In this way, you can collaborate with office colleagues and share important documents with them. At the same time, you can also share your backed up pictures, files or movies with your friends and loved ones.

File versioning

This feature lets you view and access all the previous versions of an old file. At the same time, you can also access the most recent versions of your file with this feature. All in all, the file versioning feature will let you restore, download and even access your old, lost and deleted files.

These are some of the most standard and important features of a good backup-software. So while making your pick, make sure that your chosen backup tool comes with these mentioned features.