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Best Online Backup was founded in response to the huge demand for people to backup their files online, and the large amount of providers that followed. There are so many different online backup providers out there, each offering different features, software, prices, storage capacity and levels of customer service that it can be hard to differentiate between them and pick the right site for you. We’ve tried to make that easier, by testing lots of providers, reviewing the best ones, and providing you with information to compare the best online backup providers.

Rank Company Storage Price Best For Backing Up Rating Review/ Link To Site
1 Unlimited £6.95 Backing up unlimited files 98% Review Go To Site
2 250GB £4.95 Backing up up a large amount of files 97% Review Go To Site
3 75GB £4.49 Great customer service 95% Review Go To Site
4 Unlimited £9.95 Many helpful features 93% Review Go To Site
5 10GB £4.06 Backing up a small amount of files 91% Review Go To Site
6 Unlimited £9.95 Compatable with multiple platforms 90% Review Go To Site
7 500GB £13.95 Easy to use software 89% Review Go To Site
8 50GB £4.37 Unlimited file versioning 89% Review Go To Site
9 250GB £7.30 Unlimited file size upload 88% Review Go To Site
10 250GB £11.47 Great customer service 87% Review Go To Site

What should I look for in an online backup provider?

Ultimately this comes down to what you as a user are looking for. Not all online backup companies offer the same in terms of their services. Below are a list of the main characteristics that online backup providers tend to vary by. The very best online backup providers perform well on all of these characteristics.

A quick guide to the most common features

There are loads of "features" offered by online backup sites. Different sites offer different features, with the best online backup sites offering them all. But what exactly are these features? Read on...

Further Reading

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What is an online backup?

Online backup is a kind of offsite data storage where your important files, folders, documents, music, photos, videos and other contents of your hard drive are backed up on an encrypted remote server. This is the cheapest and easiest way to keep a backup of all your important files and documents.

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How safe are online backup providers?

The best online backup tools come with military grade encryption for file transfers. They use the leading technologies to encrypt your files as they’re transferred to the remote server, and once they’ve reached the remote server. This ensures that your files and documents are both sent and stored safely.

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Can I share files?

Most of the best online backup software comes with the file sharing feature. With this feature you can share your backed up files, documents, movies, music and everything else with friends and family. This feature helps you to collaborate conveniently with a single click.

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An easy guide to the most common features

The best online backup providers offer lots of features to help make your life easier. However, it’s not always immediately obvious what some of these features do. Here’s our guide to the most common features offered by the best online backup providers.

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